Patlite signal towers

The LS7 series signal tower from Patlite Corp. has no exposed screws, shafts or other metals. The stackable design with optional M12 quick disconnect simplifies installation. Features include an inner lens design, shock-resistant polycarbonate lens and optional 2,000 to 3,000 Hz buzzer that cuts through sound from operating machinery. 888/214-2580;

GPS Insight with Google Maps

GPS fleet tracking software from GPS Insight features Google Maps throughout the award-winning platform. The software provides real-time mapping that includes accurate traffic, satellite imagery, and street-view options. This advanced mapping gives fleet managers better insight into fleet operations. 866-477-4321;

Fluid Metering programmable dispensing system

The PDS-100 programmable dispensing system from Fluid Metering is designed for high accuracy, low volume dispensing of electrolytes, slurries and metal forming lubricants. Internal pump components are made of chemically inert, sapphire-hard ceramics to handle corrosive KOH electrolytes, as well as viscous, abrasive slurries. The design integrates FMI’s CeramPump valveless piston pump technology with stepper motor control and integral electronics, housed in a space-saving enclosure for countertop or wall mounting. 800/223-3388;

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RIDGID advanced lithium 18V batteries

Advanced lithium 18V batteries from RIDGID are available in 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah sizes and have an operating range of 29 degrees to 158 degrees F. The 2.0 Ah battery, which comes standard with all RIDGID battery-powered press tools, can deliver 200 presses per charge, while the 4.0 Ah battery delivers 400 presses per charge. Both batteries have a lifespan of 400 to 500 charges. 800/769-7743;

Ditch Witch HDD guidance system

The TK Series HDD guidance system from Ditch Witch is designed to cut through interference from metal fences, radio signals and utilities. Able to determine the location of a drill head beacon at depths of 110 feet, the single-frequency TK tracker has a locating range of 70 feet and tracker-to-rig range up to 1,000 feet. The TK dual-frequency tracker has a locating range of 110 feet and tracker-to-rig range of 2,000 feet. The TK four-frequency tracker has a locating range of 110 feet and tracker-to-rig range of 2,000 feet. Each guidance system includes remote display, beacon, hard case and batteries. 800/654-6481;

Super Products HDX industrial vacuum loader

The Supersucker HDX industrial vacuum loader from Super Products has a 600-gallon water tank and hydraulically driven pump that delivers up to 14 gpm and pressure to 3,000 psi. The 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides air flow to 5,800 cfm and 28 inches of vacuum. Single-mode filtration enables the loading of wet and dry material with no changeover. The 1/4-inch steel collector box holds 18 cubic yards. The 8-foot articulating boom provides 330-degree rotation and 27-foot reach. It can pivot 45 degrees upward and 25 degrees downward. Boom functions can be operated with either a wireless remote or wired pendant. 800/837-9711;

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ROM restroom service unit

The Flexi 1900/1100 portable restroom service system from ROM bv can empty and clean 50 to 75 units a day. The 1,455-pound system mounts on 6.5- to 7.5-ton vehicles and is available with a Honda gasoline engine or PTO-powered version. The system has a 502-gallon vacuum tank and three freshwater tanks. A 79.25-gallon tank is designed for use with a high-pressure washer. The two 106-gallon tanks are designed for filling restrooms.

Adalet stainless steel instrument housing

The XIHNS stainless steel, explosion-proof instrument housing from Adalet has a 4 1/16-inch bored throat to accommodate a variety of OEM instruments and devices. Two solid cover and two glass cover options are available. The glass cover has a 3.21-inch viewing window and low-profile, tab-free retaining ring. Other features include removable, internal mounting pan for easy installation, three 3/4-inch conduit entries (six optional) and two cast-on mounting tabs (third optional). 216/267-9000;

Highway Products pickup bed boxes

High-side toolboxes for pickup trucks from Highway Products, available in sizes to fit all trucks, mount on bed rails and feature 1/8-inch-thick marine grade aluminum construction. Theft-resistant T-handle stainless steel locks keep tools secure, while neoprene weather stripping keeps them dry. 800/866-5269;

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Rhino Linings polyurea coating

The SolarMax 11-70 pure polyurea aliphatic coating from Rhino Linings Corp. is UV and color stable and resistant to humidity and substrate moisture during application. The 100 percent solids (no VOCs) high-pressure, spray-applied coating protects steel, concrete, geotextile, foam, wood or aged polyester fiberglass. 800/422-2603;

Allmand light tower

The Maxi-Lite II light tower from Allmand Bros., available in a lay-down style or V-series hydraulically actuated vertical tower, has 100-gallon fuel capacity and can operate up to 175 hours with all four lights operating (150,000 lumens per lamp). The dual rotationally molded fuel tanks are longitudinally mounted on either side of the enclosure, directly over the axle, to ensure even balance. The tower can withstand wind gusts of 65 mph. 800/562-1373;

Graebener-Reika pipe cutting machine

The RingSaw pipe cutting machine from Graebener-Reika is designed for cutting tubes, bars and profiles with diameters from 10 to 610 mm (0.39 to 24 inches) and wall thicknesses from 1 to 150 mm (0.039 to 5.9 inches). The oil-free electro-mechanical machine operates without hydraulics. The cutting process is either dry, with a mini-coolant or with flood emulsion. 610/621-2536;

Trelleborg LNG tandem offloading system

The LNG tandem offloading system from Trelleborg Pipe Seals Milford and oil and gas industry contractor Saipem utilizes three Cryoline LNG floating hoses, hose storage system and a connection head with a dedicated storage platform on the LNG terminal and bow loading platform on the LNG carrier to provide a flexible and durable alternative to marine loading arms. It is designed to operate in sea state with wave heights up to 11.5 feet at connection and 13 feet during transfer and disconnection. 800/626-2180;

BinMaster bendable capacitance probe

The bendable capacitance probe from BinMaster Level Controls is designed to fit tight spaces or in vessels where obstructions prevent the installation of a straight probe. Mounted on the side of the bin, the probe can be used in solid materials or slurries and will not interfere with two-way radios or other equipment operating in the radio spectrum. 800/278-4241;

Coxreels 1185 high-pressure series

Large capacity, 1185 Series high-pressure hose reels from Coxreels, featuring 1 1/2-inch ID models, are designed for up to 3,000 psi. The reels have an electroless nickel-plated steel 90-degree full-flow NPT swivel inlet and chemical-resistant AFLAS seals for high-pressure applications. Models are available with a solid steel direct hand crank or chain and sprocket retraction. 800/269-7335;

AGC Chemicals AFLAS 100 fluoroelastomers

AFLAS 100 Series fluoroelastomers from AGC Chemicals Americas are designed for electrical submersible pump bladders and polymeric products used in extreme downhole environments. 610/423-4300;

Franklin Electric solar-powered pumping system

The SubDrive SolarPAK from Franklin Electric contains the pump components to build a solar-powered water well system. Designed for pumping clean water using a renewable energy supply, the package includes a solar-powered controller, submersible pump, motor and flow switch for 5 to 90 gpm. 405/228-1204;

Metabo lightweight angle grinders

W720 and W820 lightweight angle grinders from Metabo Corp. are made for cutting, grinding and deburring. The W720 weighs 4.4 pounds and has a maximum wheel diameter of 4.5 inches. Features include a 6.5 amp motor with 720 watts of power, 14 in-lbs of torque and no-load speed of 11,000 rpm. The W820 weighs 4.7 pounds and has a maximum wheel diameter of 5 inches. It has a 7.5 amp motor with 820 watts of power, 16 in-lbs of torque and no-load speed of 10,000 rpm. 800/638-2264;

STWA AOT midstream unit

The AOT midstream crude oil viscosity reduction technology production unit from STWA, designed for use at pipeline pump stations, is a 36-inch inner diameter pressure vessel with 12-inch series 600-pound inlet and outlet nozzles rated for 1,200 psi of continuous operation. The skid-mounted unit can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position. 877/872-7892;

Reed Manufacturing pneumatic drive

The 700 APD portable, pneumatic, heavy-duty power drive from Reed Manufacturing Co. provides power for threading pipe and conduit up to 2 inches in diameter. The unit can be used where electric shocks or sparks are a hazard. The safety arm absorbs forces generated during threading and frees the operator to oil the dies. The 4 hp motor turns at 28 rpm no load and has a maximum torque of 400 ft-lbs. The drive also can be used for powering valve exercisers. 800/666-3691;

Gehl RT250 compact track loader

The RT250 compact track loader from Gehl has an operating capacity of 2,500 pounds, 74.3 hp Tier 4 engine and delivers 243 ft-lbs of torque. It has a lift height of 128 inches and tipping load of 7,143 pounds. The Automatic Track Tensioning System eliminates the need for manual tensioning, increasing the life of tracks and bearings. The operator-adjustable straight-tracking feature keeps the unit on a straight path at all times. Joystick controls are mounted directly to the suspension seat frame, allowing them to move with the operator. 800/628-0491;

Fireboy-Xintex methane gas detection system

The Xintex methane gas detection system from Fireboy-Xintex is designed for alternative fuel vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Methane level is constantly monitored with both a visual and audible alarm that is sounded prior to high methane levels. Features include multi-colored LEDs (green, yellow, red) that indicate functionality, operational status and danger, along with a test function button and reset button, waterproof methane sensors and remote status indicator panels. 616/735-9380;

Worksaver skid-steer adapter for IH loaders

The skid-steer adapter for IH loaders from Worksaver is designed to allow skid-steer type attachments for tractors to be used on IH model 2250 and 2255 loaders with pin-on buckets retained by 1 1/8-inch pins. The loader to skid-steer adapter has an all-welded design, plated handles, spring and lock pins. 217/324-5973;

PSG seal-less internal gear pumps

EnviroGear seal-less internal gear pumps from PSG’s Maag Industrial Pumps feature a between-the-bearing support system that eliminates leaks and mechanical wear. The design uses magnets mounted directly to the rotor, eliminating the adapter plate and allowing for a single-fluid chamber, enabling the pump to handle fluids with viscosities to 50,000 cSt. Pumps are available in ductile iron, carbon steel and stainless steel construction with differential pressures from 20 to 200 psi (ductile iron and carbon steel models) and 20 to 150 psi for stainless steel units. All pumps have a working temperature of -40 degrees to 500 degrees F. 909/557-2900;

Bailey-Parks polyurethane piping system

The polyurethane pipe system from Bailey-Parks Urethane can withstand wear caused by frac sand and replaces metal systems used on trailers that transport fracking sand. 800/966-2410;

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