From your hotel to the classrooms and exhibit floor, focus on getting the most out of your time in Indy.

It’s Expo time. Soon the Indiana Convention Center will be filled with the newest and best tools and equipment the industry has to offer. Contractors from across the globe will be in attendance, and you should be too.

This will be my third trip to the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo, and I’m excited to get back to Indianapolis and see so many industry professionals together in one place. Even a casual observer could learn a great deal over the four days of the Expo, and if you spend some time on the show floor and attend a few education courses, you’ll get enough out of the show to keep breathing new life into your business all year long.

The thing about the Expo, and its venue in downtown Indianapolis, is that everything is connected and the opportunities to grow in your industry are everywhere, from the moment you leave your hotel room to the very end of the night. In the elevator on the way down to the lobby, at breakfast, on the walk to the convention center and all throughout the day, you’ll have no problem striking up conversations with your peers wherever you go.

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And don’t forget to give in the give-and-take. Just as you can learn from your peers, there are plenty of other professionals out there who could benefit from your story and the insight you have
to share.

Above all, whether you’re walking the show floor or sitting in a classroom, the Expo is about education. My advice: Pick a few topics you’d like to learn more about and focus on those as you plan your week in Indy. Whether it’s hydroexcavation techniques and equipment or nozzles and new jetting technology, seek out opportunities to learn everything you can about those subjects. There’s no better place to get a thorough education.

Use the online planning tools at to get familiar with the schedule of education seminars, event schedules and the vendors who will be exhibiting. If you want to learn about nozzles and new jetting technology, you can start out first thing Monday morning, Education Day, with Preparing for Your First High Pressure Waterjetting Job. In the afternoon, you can learn about the business end of jetting systems with Nozzle Application: What, Why, Where, When and How?

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When the show floor opens Tuesday morning, take your first walk and note the tools and equipment you really want to see and learn more about. If the vendors are swamped with the initial blitz of contractors vying for their time, mark it on your map and stop back later. Then just before lunch, check out Nozzle Explanation and Selections. After three classes on the subject, you’ll have a much better idea of how you might like to incorporate the technology in your business, and you’ll know what questions to ask as you begin searching for the right equipment.

Armed with all that knowledge, you can head back to the show floor, talk to manufacturers and find the tools that will help you grow and improve your business. And that’s what the Expo is all about.

Take the time to plan out your Expo visit so you can get the most out of your stay in Indy. You and your business will see the benefits all year long.

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