Stallion Original Metal AODD Pumps from Wilden Pump & Engineering have a shock-absorbing polyurethane screen base that absorbs the impact from constant assault by solid particles, resulting in maximized durability. Their large internal clearance and flow-through design keep the pump from clogging, while an integrated suction strainer and an altered ball/seat check valve assembly maximize part life. The Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS incorporates an air control spool that automatically restricts the amount of air going into the pump during the latter part of each stroke, eliminating overfilling of the air chamber to reduce air consumption. They are available in 1 1/2-, 2- and 3-inch sizes, in either aluminum or ductile iron. They are submersible, self-priming, shear-sensitive, offer increased on/off reliability, can run dry, have antifreezing properties and can handle pressures up to 125 psi. Flow rates range from 81 to 202 gpm. 909/422-1730;

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