Web platform helps simplify monitoring data

Problem: The City of Richmond, California, was having trouble organizing its environmental monitoring data into a single Web platform. Its monitoring network consisted of meters from Isco, Telog and ADS, but it wasn’t able to house all the data in one platform, making reporting and graphing on the data tedious and time-consuming.

Solution: The city decided to give the FlowWorks platform a try through working with George Elaro and Infrastructure Engineering Corporation (IEC).

Result: FlowWorks has been pivotal in helping the city bring its data into one platform, keeping it organized with the ease of running reports and generating graphs. The engineering and management teams now have access to all the flow monitors in the system as well as the SCADA data from the wastewater treatment plant operations. The end result is that combined sewer overflow events and potential spills into local waterways are being identified by using a more accurate system with alarm capabilities to warn staff of potential problems before they occur. 206/859-6999; www.flowworks.com.

Radar level measurement used to reduce errors and shutdowns

Problem: A Canadian wholesaler of diesel, gasoline and home-heating oil uses key lock fueling terminals for product distribution in its territory. The mechanical level gauges the wholesaler used displayed a wealth of information — more than what was useful for delivery drivers. Data overload caused delivery errors that were both expensive and time-consuming to correct. Moreover, the worn gauges were prone to freezing during the winter months, a major problem for a Canadian company.

Solution: The fuel wholesaler adopted a complete solution that solved various problems. Currently, the wholesaler uses the VEGAPULS 62 from VEGA Americas to monitor 27 fuel tanks at four of its eight bulk plants. The non-contact unit is maintenance-free and unaffected by cold temperatures. The VEGADIS 61, with its simple, user-friendly display, has been a major benefit for delivery drivers. The company now reports reduced errors, including high-fill alarms and shutdowns.

Result: The customer enjoys more accurate, reliable level measurements. Furthermore, changing to remote displays has reduced errors and shutdowns since delivery drivers can now clearly read the remaining volume in each fuel tank. 800/367-5383; www.vega.com.

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