H2Zero Backwash/Recycle Systems from AdEdge help conserve water by storing and treating contaminated backwash water from filtration and treatment systems. Systems can be customized and designed for most manufacturers’ adsorption, oxidation/filtration or coagulation/filtration systems, whether backwashing is infrequent or performed one or more times per week. They include a vertical polyethylene or steel tank for holding the backwash water, a reclaim pump skid, integrated controls, particle filtration as well as information data for solids management. They provide optimal use and maximum conservation of water, regulatory agency acceptance, an environmentally friendly solution that requires little or no permitting and a reclaim system that can be automated for minimal operation and maintenance. They can be integrated with a treatment system PLC and touch-screen panel. Contaminants are reduced in volume and safely managed on or off site. 866/323-3343; www.adedgetech.com.

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