The MCT 800 from Mud Technology offers mixing and cleaning and recycling of solids. It is a fully self-contained, closed-loop system with a 5,000-gallon, three-section tank, with more than 800 gpm of cleaning capacity. The cleaning system includes high G-force linear shakers, two three-panel scalping shakers, a three-panel desander shaker, a three-panel desilter shaker, over 110 square feet of cleaning area, two 10-inch hydrocyclones with a 74-micron cut, and 12.5-inch hydrocyclones with a 20-micron cut. It is powered by a 480-volt, 150 kW, three-phase diesel generator with safety shutdowns on the engine and generator. Independent on/off switches control each function. A remote on/off switch allows the driller to control supercharge. High-visibility night work lights are included. 903/675-3240;

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