Increase the efficiency of your fleet with help from US Fleet Tracking.

The AT-V3 GPS tracker provides Internet-based fleet tracking and the ability to know where vehicle assets are located at all times. The device is put out by US Fleet Tracking, headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma.  

What sets the AT-V3 apart from similar products is its LIVE GPS tracking results with either five- or 10-second updates, enabling turn-for-turn viewing when vehicles are on the move and the ability to make split decisions based on current information.

The added awareness also equates to saved time and money, notes Sam Sims, director of public relations and marketing. He shares an example of one client company that noticed one of its vehicles was putting on far more miles than the rest of its heavy machinery. Using the tracking system, it was soon discovered that one of the drivers was taking this vehicle home following each work day, as company policy permitted.

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“He was tacking on an additional 70 miles each way at four miles per gallon,” he says. “Instead of changing their policy, they gave the employee keys to a brand new Ford F-150 that had been sitting there at night and got much better gas mileage.” Coupled with a variety of additional efficiency-focused changes, the company began to save roughly $17,000 per week.

According to Sims, clients within the gas, oil and mining industries have noted the advantages of enhanced coverage in rural areas. “With 3G the signals go a little bit further and there are more towers available to us to send that GPS location back through the cell signal,” he says. “Our systems will hold the information and send it when it does connect, but this allows for it to happen even faster.”

The AT-V3 has one ignition input, one additional input and one output along with an internal 700 mAh backup battery. The compact size – 2.5 inches wide by 3.125 inches long by 0.875 inches high – allows for small-space installation, and because it is Web-based there is no software to install.

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Additional highlights include an emergency panic feature and the ability to set up alert notifications via email or text to keep tabs on aspects such as speed, route or maintenance.

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