Fleet management software enhances safety, compliance, productivity and maintenance.

OnlineAVL2 is the GPS fleet management software at the core of the Navman Wireless solution. The company, based in Glenview, Illinois, is a fleet tracking and telematics provider whose product collects information from vehicles, heavy equipment, non-powered assets, drivers and workers.

It helps customers manage their business by revealing information that diverges from what is expected. “We provide visibility into areas of a business that would otherwise go unseen and unknown,” notes Michael Bloom, director of marketing and product management. “You can’t measure what you don’t see and you can’t improve what you don’t measure." 

He notes that oil, gas and mining companies face four main problems: safety, compliance, productivity and maintenance. And all four of these issues are addressed by Navman Wireless. “We sell an ecosystem of products that enable us to deliver insight and intelligence about what happens in the field so that companies can maintain compliance, provide a safer working environment, reduce costs, protect assets and increase operational efficiencies,” he adds.

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OnlineAVL2 software can help identify the borders that make up an approved mine site, for example, so that equipment remains within the appropriate site boundaries. The system can also monitor and manage activity related to the anti-idling and emission laws that many states now have in place in order to ensure compliance.

It can be used to track speeds and stay on top of other safe driving behaviors in order to reduce costly violations and unexpected downtime that occurs as a result of safety-related accidents. In addition, a “lone worker” solution helps reduce the number of preventable employee deaths and accidents that can potentially lead to hefty health and legal fees.

With the skilled labor shortage, companies are turning to technology solutions to help do more with less and drive productivity, notes Bloom. “Having a system that is smart enough to proactively alert or identify situations in which vehicles, equipment or drivers are acting outside of the expected behavior range means the people that companies have employed can spend less time looking for problems and more time delivering value by solving them,” he adds.

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Equipment upkeep is yet another key area the software can address. “Preventive maintenance costs are inordinately expensive for companies with oil, gas and mining operations,” Bloom points out. “Controlling maintenance costs by not over-servicing is just as critical because even a single additional PM event can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and that figure grows exponentially when applied to an entire operation’s fleet.”

Navman Wireless offers three OnlineAVL2 software options – Essential, Fleet+ and Complete – with a tiered set of features in order to align with any given company’s unique goals and budget.

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