This oilfield services company works with Acro Trailer to keep their trucks light

Southern Spur Enterprises has over 20 trucks in its inventory, but they are all similar in one way — the manufacturer of them is Acro Trailer of Springfield, Missouri.

The oilfield services company, owned by Gerald Grassl and located in Lashburn, Saskatchewan, has 11 self-contained vacuum trucks — with vacuum pump, water pump, water tank and vacuum tank combined — five straight vacuum trucks and six sludge haulers.

The decision to go with Acro Trailer was an easy one for Grassl and field supervisor Jim Donald, because of the manufacturer’s willingness to build the trailers using aluminum instead of stainless steel.

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“At the time they were the only company that was willing to work with us on the specs,” Donald says. “Most tank manufacturing companies that built vac tanks didn’t really want to entertain what we wanted to do with them. We wanted to go lighter.”

Donald says the aluminum is needed in their area of northern Canada and the work they are doing in the oilfields.

“It makes the trucks light and we can haul more payload,” Donald says.

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The company’s self-contained units can carry 13 yards of dry product or 19.5 yards of liquid product. The straight vacuum trailers can haul about 17.5 yards dry product or 22 yards liquid product and the sludge haulers carry about 25 cubic yards of liquid product.

The trucks are equipped with pumps from Hibon and Gardner Denver.

For more on Southern Spur Enterprises, check out the full profile in the July issue of GOMC magazine.

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