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Magline propulsion assist and lift system  
The CooLift propulsion assist and lift system from Magline helps operators push a loaded lift over rough terrain or inclines. A throttle interlock minimizes accidental activation of the propulsion system. The center drive wheels automatically return to free-wheel mode when the throttle is released. A microprocessor control system with encoder feedback provides smooth, quiet operation. Lifting capacity ranges up to 1,500 pounds. 800/624-5463;

Muncie Power Products TG Series power take-off 
The TG Series power take-off from Muncie Power Products is available with 10 speed ratios, 19 shift types, 19 output shaft options and 78 input gears for all popular transmissions. An electric/hydraulic shift option eliminates the need for cables. Die-cast aluminum housing reduces weight and noise and aids in heat dissipation. A constant mesh input gear isolates the transmission from engagement errors. The PTO’s compact size minimizes mounting interference for maximum pump clearance. 800/367-7867;

Sherwin-Williams Dura-Plate 6100 corrosion protection 
Dura-Plate 6100 corrosion protection from Sherwin-Williams is designed to extend the life of coated concrete and steel. Featuring amine epoxy, the quick dry-to-touch coating reduces the potential for outgassing on buried concrete structures and has a return-to-service time of 12 hours to prevent downtime. At 77 degrees F, the coating is dry to the touch in 30 minutes and cures for immersion in 12 hours. It can be applied in temperatures as low as 50 degree F. 800/524-5979;

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Martin Engineering Vibrating Dribble Chute 
The Vibrating Dribble Chute from Martin Engineering prevents carryback released by secondary conveyor belt cleaners from sticking to the rear slope of the discharge chute using material disruption to cause sludge and other buildup to fall from the chute wall and back into the main discharge flow. 800/544-2947;

Pettibone Speed Swing 445F rail crane 
The Speed Swing 445F rail crane from Pettibone is designed for multiple railroad service applications, including laying rails and setting ties. Powered by a 163 hp Cummins QSB4.5 Tier 4 diesel engine, it has a three-speed transmission and electric shift control. Other features include 180-degree boom rotation, front load capacity of 10,000 pounds and a side load capacity of up to 8,000 pounds. Travel speed is 25 mph on Hi-rail or 20 mph with all-terrain rubber tires. Four-wheel drive with rear wheel disconnect allows for greater maneuverability off the rails. Magnet package is optional. 906/353-4800;

E2S Warning Signals alarm horn sounders and strobe beacons 
Explosion-proof alarm horn sounders and strobe beacons from E2S Warning Signals are SIL 2-certified and are designed for fire and gas-detection systems. A combination of software and hardware monitors and interprets the sound output of the horn or the light output from the Xenon strobe to check that it is functioning properly. The fault monitoring reports back to the control panel utilizing either separate fault contacts or by the introduction to the monitoring circuit of a series resistor. Using the series resistor facility eliminates the need for any additional cables and can be used in a standard two-wire arrangement. 281/377-4401;

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Wastecorp Pumps engine-driven double disc pump 
The Sludge Pro double-disc pump from Wastecorp Pumps is designed for mobile wastewater and sludge pumping applications with capabilities ranging from 10 to 500 gpm. Select the size and style, and clack valve or ball valve, that best fits the application. Diesel pump engines range up to 40 hp and are Tier 4 compliant. No regular scheduled maintenance is required. Available pressure sensors assist in detecting blockages or closed valves in the line. An optional hydraulic lift system allows for easy access to pump internals. 888/829-2783;

IDEC Corporation DIN-rail power supplies 
The PS5R-V line of DIN-rail power supplies from IDEC Corporation is available in 10, 15, 30, 60 or 120 watts. Operating temperatures range from minus 13 to 167 degrees F, allowing power suppliers to be used in control panels without cooling devices. Spring-up screw terminals accept ring and fork terminals, as well as stripped wire. The power supply can be mounted in any of six different orientations and are approved for installation in Class I, Division 2 environments. 800/262-4332;

Flowrox Smart Series products and services
Flowrox Smart Series products, including pumps and valves, incorporate connectivity via the Internet for consistent monitoring. The embedding of electronics, sensors and network connectivity enables users to collect and exchange data. The Smart Series also features the Flowrox Malibu Platform for tracking valve, pump or instrument operational parameters. 410/636-2250;

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Honeywell self-retracting lifeline 
The Miller DuraSeal Self-Retracting Lifeline from Honeywell International prevents contaminants from entering the mechanism ensuring that the brake system, power spring and bearings are never exposed to debris, water or chemicals. The braking system is designed to withstand multiple falls with a weight capacity of 420 pounds. 800/430-5490;

DSC Dredge underwater pump mining dredge 
The Marlin Class underwater pump mining dredge from DSC Dredge is designed to meet the needs of deep mining and aggregate deposits by providing a more efficient tool for material excavation. Deep digging capability is made possible by the use of an underwater pump system with a high-torque cutter drive assembly. Digging depths range from 35 feet to more than 200 feet. Dredges are available in either a diesel- or electric-powered model. Drive systems include a Caterpillar ACERT diesel engine with inline direct marine-style transmission, or TEFC electric motor, variable-frequency AC dredge pump motor drive and double-helical gear reducer. All models feature a PLC operating system, magnetic flowmeter, electro-proportional hydraulic circuits, high-capacity service water system, suction dilution valves and a three-wire mooring system. 985/479-1355;

EnviroGear Pumps G Series sealed internal gear pumps 
G Series Pumps from EnviroGear Pumps is designed to operate in both directions while providing a positive, non-pulsating flow. Features include multiple inlet and outlet positioning, a single end-clearance adjustment and drive-end access for ease of maintenance and adjustability. The pumps, available in cast iron and stainless steel, are interchangeable with most internal gear pumps. 909/422-1731;

Timken deep groove ball bearings 
The 6000 series of deep groove ball bearing from The Timken Company deliver run-quiet operation and can be used in a variety of applications and conditions. The ball bearings meet ISO standards and dimensionally interchanges with competitor products. 330/438-3000;

TRIDENT KDS Separator 
The TRIDENT KDS Separator is a unique dewatering technology for separation of mixed media wastewater and sludge that produces excellent clarified effluent. It is an ideal alternative for centrifuges or belt presses. The machine’s simple flatbed design has a small footprint, but the system is highly scalable making it suitable for a variety of applications. The KDS can operate as a standalone unit or be integrated into any existing system. Its dewatering properties are obtained by multiple rows of oval-shaped discs that continuously rotate between stationary plates. Low-speed operation keeps power requirements at a minimum and precision machining tolerances ensure self-cleaning and non-clogging operations. The system requires little maintenance and has simple maintenance procedures. 800/799-3740;

COXREELS spring motors 
Factory-tuned spring motors from COXREELS are designed for safe and efficient reel retraction. More than 150 types of spring motors are available, including six varieties of spring thickness and three spring widths. There is no joint or attached hook connection to fail during retraction. The spring cans are available as pre-assembled replacement parts for easy removal and installation. 800/269-7335;

NETZSCH Pumps progressing cavity pump
The NEMO BF progressing cavity pump from NETZSCH Pumps North America features an add-on asynchronous module that prevents the formation of lumps that can cause bridge building in a sewage sludge conveyance system. Designed for viscous media, the pump and module eliminate high media cohesiveness that can cause repeated entanglements and bridge building, resulting in a reduction of wastewater treatment plant operational shutdowns. 610/363-8010;

Screenco Systems mini screen 
The Mini Screen from Screenco Systems features a dual-screen design, all-aluminum construction, mostly self-cleaning front screen, and gravity off-load at up to 500 gpm through the telescoping dump hose assembly. The 825-pound system removes up to 99 percent of trash to a collection drain tray for easy disposal. Gapped screens (3/8 inches) meet 503 regulations and 16 square feet of screening area allows for use with portable TLT trucks and large septic trucks. Forklift skids integrated into the unit allow for easy transport. The inlet allows either a 4- or 6-inch cam hookup with a 6-inch cam outlet. 208/790-8770;

Milwaukee Tool high-tension hacksaw 
The 12-inch high-tension hacksaw from Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. is designed for contractors who need to make fast, accurate cuts. A reinforced metal frame provides extra durability. A high-leverage tension knob at the top of the frame allows the user to tighten the blade to the highest tension needed. Features include six-blade storage capacity and a 45-degree blade position for a better angle on flush cuts. 800/729-3878;

Xylem dewatering pump 
The Flygt 2190 submersible dewatering pump from Xylem is built to handle abrasive liquids. The mid-sized pump is available with two impeller options: the Dura-Spin safeguards against wear by sweeping abrasive particles away from the impeller neck while the semi-open impeller increases uptime by preventing fibrous solids from obstructing the pump. The pump’s conical trim sleeve restores clearances to near-original condition. 704/409-9700;

Larson Electronics horizontal light mast 
The LM-30-HZ-4X400LTL-LED-EW-WB horizontal light mast from Larson Electronics provides a safe and effective way for operators to quickly deploy lights, cameras and other equipment. It features a two-section assembly that extends to 30 feet and collapses to 17 feet when not in use. An electric motor and lead screw for extending and retracting the mast is included. The lighting system is comprised of four 400-watt LED lamps, each producing 52,000 lumens of light and is connected to the power source by a four-switch control box. Each light head is on an individual circuit and can be powered on and off independently. 800/369-6671;

Reed Manufacturing Co. polyethylene squeeze-off tools 
Polyethylene squeeze-off tools from Reed Manufacturing Co. stop flow in 1/2- to 8-inch PE pipe. Different models handle a range of pipe sizes and applications. Sliding bar handles make work in tight places easier and increase leverage for tightening. Positive stops in metric sizes are available. 800/666-3691;

Wilden Pump & Engineering CSA-certified natural gas-operated pumps
CSA-certified, double-diaphragm pumps from Wilden Pump & Engineering are designed for upstream and midstream oil and gas applications and where natural gas is the energy source to drive the pump. Available for the Wilden original (clamped), advanced (bolted) and advanced FIT models, pumps come equipped with either the Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT Air Distribution System (CSA-certified ANSI LC 6-2008) or the Wilden Pro-Flo X (CSA-certified for the ANSI LC 6-2008 and TIL R-14). 909/422-1730;

Hyundai Construction Equipment hydraulic excavators 
HX Series hydraulic excavators from Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas provide increased fuel economy over previous models. The HX140L is a 13-metric-ton model powered by a Perkins 1204F Tier 4 Final engine rated at 116 hp with 39.4-inch-wide digging bucket. It achieves a maximum digging depth of 22 feet 1 inch and a maximum digging reach of 32 feet 9 inches with a digging force of 24,890 ft-lbs. The 24-metric ton HX235LCR compact-radius excavator with 39.4-inch bucket features a Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final engine rated at 183 hp. It can reach a maximum digging depth of 22 feet, maximum digging reach of 32 feet 6 inches, and a digging force of 37,104 ft-lbs. 877/509-2254;

Honda Power Equipment ground fault circuit interrupter 
Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) technology has been added to three of Honda Power Equipment’s generator models: the EB6500 Industrial Series, the EM5000 Deluxe Series and the EG4000 Economy Series. Each comes with GFCI 20-amp duplex receptacles. 678/339-2600;

Komatsu America Corp. wheel loader 
The WA600-8 wheel loader with 9.2-cubic-yard bucket from Komatsu America Corp. is designed to maximize production efficiency in loading off-highway trucks or load-and-carry applications. The 529 hp, Tier 4 Final certified engine improves power train and hydraulic efficiency and uses 13 percent less fuel than its Tier 3 predecessor. 847/437-5800;

Water Cannon electric pressure washer 
The 15M71 electric-powered pressure washer from Water Cannon, Inc. — MWBE has a 20 hp, 460-volt three-phase motor with an auto start/stop feature that powers a TSP Series General triplex plunger pump and delivers 4.5 gpm at 6,000 psi using the poly chain drive system. It comes with 500 feet of high-pressure hose, gun/wand kit, safety couplers rated at 10,000 psi and 12 feet of power cord. 800/333-9274;

Kafko International cleaner/degreaser 
Oil Eater cleaner/degreaser from Kafko International dissolves grease, grime and dirt from storage tanks, power equipment, engines and tools. It is also effective in parts cleaning and pressure-washing systems. The eco-friendly cleaner is biodegradable, noncorrosive, nontoxic and nonflammable. It contains no acids, abrasives or petroleum solvents. The low VOC cleaner quickly and safely encapsulates grease into a solution that rinses off easily, leaves no residue and will not harm the skin. It is available in 1-, 5-, 30- and 55-gallon containers and a 275-gallon tote for high-volume users. 800/528-0334;

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