ClearSpan Fabric Structures, an industry-leading manufacturer of tension fabric buildings, continued their pursuit of building excellence today when the company released their new product addition, the Low Profile Building. The new structure features short sidewalls, so customers have the option to create a structure that is as tall or short as needed.

The Low Profile Building is designed to be built on blocks, foundations, containers, helical piers or posts of any height, ensuring that the building’s clearance meets any application.

The building has a peak design and utilizes ClearSpan’s ultra-strong truss-arch design. The durable structural steel has been triple galvanized, making it corrosion-resistant and long lasting, even in the most damaging and corrosive environments.

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The Low Profile Building is covered with ClearSpan’s renowned fabric. The 12.5 ounce, 24 mil rip-stop polyethylene fabric is UV resistant and comes in four color options. The covers allow natural light to filter through, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day.

ClearSpan’s new building solution comes with industry-leading warranties that include 50 years on the frame and 20 years on the fabric cover.

For more information, visit or call 866/643-1010.

About ClearSpan Fabric Structures
ClearSpan Fabric Structures provides design-build solutions for material, equipment and other storage needs. ClearSpan buildings feature abundant natural light and spacious interiors without internal support posts. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary and are easy to relocate. Made in the U.S., they can be built to any length and up to 300 feet wide. For more information, call 866/643-1010 or visit

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